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Related article: Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 19:44:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 19First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 19The fagdad had to admit that his fagboy's hole was ripe for fucking. As he
kept trying to lube it up for the fuck, the hole repeatedly grabbed at his
tongue. The fagboy's breathing was fast and shallow, desperately trying to
get his prostate to release. Eventually he felt the hole was wet enough
for Master's fuck and crawled away, back to the corner where he would have
to witness the fuck of his son.The fagdad couldn't fathom how well their Master had anticipated his every
move. Slowly orchestrating and manipulating everything so that Tyler and
Alexi would end up right here where the two of them started, in the Master
bedroom with Ty on his knees, witnessing the fuck of someone dear to him.
First it was the fantasy of Alexi fucking Tyler's wife; now it was the
reality of Master fucking the fagdad's fagboy. The fagdad watched as
Master positioned Himself on top of His fagboy, His erection barely grazing
the boy's grasping hole, his literal snatch.Master gave a stage whisper into the fagboy's ear. "You need to be fucked,
don't you, fagboy." The fagboy was beyond words now, only able to nod.
"Of course you do; this is what fagboys were born to do. To get pleasure
from a man's cock."Look back there, in the corner, at the fagdad. That's not a man back
there, boy; it's a faggot. A faggot just like you. A dickless parasite
needing a man's cock, just like you. www lolita model xxx
Does the fagboy agree?" The fagboy
nodded, eyes downcast. "I don't hear my fagboy's answer.""Yes, Master. A faggot just like me, Master.""Now listen carefully, bitch. A faggot like that, he can't be man enough
to be a daddy, can he?" The fagboy looked deep into Master's eyes and knew
the answer he was supposed to give."No, Master, he can't.""I agree. A daddy is somebody strong and dependable, somebody who creates
a home for you. The man who gave you life. And the fagboy has somebody
who is all that, don't you?""Yes, Master, I do.""Then be a smart fagboy, do the right thing, and beg your daddy to fuck
you."The fagboy's soul pleaded out of his eyes, looking deep into Master's
heart. "Please, Daddy, oh god, please fuck your fagboy. Please let me
grab onto your magnificent prick, Daddy. I need you so goddamn bad,
please, Daddy, fuck your boy." The fagboy lost coherency at that point and
merely moaned as he thrust his hole against his Master's hard-on.Tyler's shame was complete. He was no longer a man. He was no longer a
father to his son. He was simply a fagdad working beside a fagboy to serve
and pleasure the Men of what was once his home. He shivered, wanting to be
anywhere but here, watching the rape of the boy who had been his son. But
also knowing this was exactly where he belonged. He watched his Master
slide His cock into His fagboy's gaping hole.The fagboy clenched onto that prick and seemed to pull it in without
Master's help. All Master had to do was lie on top of him. The fagboy
instinctively did all the work, grabbing, pulling, releasing, acting like a
total pussy against Master's cock. Master moaned as he slid ever deeper
into His fagboy's hole. The fagboy's moans intensified. Although the
fagdad couldn't see the fagboy's caged cock, he knew it had to be rock hard
even though the pricks tpg 15 yo loli were biting into it. The fagboy's face was
contorted into a maze of pain and pleasure. It was a beautiful thing to
see. His moans were also a mix of the two reactions, as if each were
feeding upon the other.Master apparently wanted to increase all the sensations dancing in His
fagboy's brain because He scrunched down and started to bite the fagboy's
right nipple. The fagboy's short breaths and moans stopped immediately and
became one constant wail as his limbs trembled as if in seizure. The fagdad
had never witnessed anything like this before, such naked primal sexuality."Oh, God, thank you, Master, thank you Daddy, oh God..." the fagboy
repeated like a mantra, his pitch inching higher and higher, indicating his
nearness to orgasm. Master played the boy like a fiddle, subtly changing
position of His cock or the depth of His bite to fine-tune the fagboy's
responses.Yes, this was a real Man's fuck. For the fagdad to have fucked the boy
would have been an insult to Men everywhere. This is how it should be
done. This is what the fagboy deserved.The fagboy started to shudder. His limbs were stretched and stiff and he
seemed to be on the very edge of cumming. Master sadistically stopped,
completely tpg 15 yo loli motionless atop the fagboy. Ryan wailed, "No..... Please,
Master.""Beg for me to finish you off, cuntboy. Beg for Me to let you cum."Ryan screamed "Oh, GOD, PLEASE, MASTER?? Please fuck me harder and allow Me
to cum??? MASTER, I'll do fucking anything .... Oh God, Oh God, Oh God...."Master laughed, shrugged His shoulders, and resumed fucking the hole."Oh GOD, Thank YOU, MASTER. Oh Yes, Oh yes, OH YES...." And the fagboy
convulsed around his Master's cock, screaming his moans of pleasure as he
came. Master preteen lolita underage incest kept the fucking going and shot up His fagboy's hole moments
later, adding a second wave of pleasure to slide through the fagboy's guts.
The fagboy collapsed in gratitude, mumbling "thank you, Master" and "thank
you, Daddy" over and over again.Once the fagboy's trembling ceased, Master got up. "I want my fagdad to
climb up here. Lick the bitch's cum from my gut." The fagdad climbed onto
the bed and sucked Master's flesh clean. "Now clean up his cum and then
eat out my seed from his pussy." The fagdad slid in front little top list lolita of his fagboy
and sucked all around the fagdick, pulling up thick chunks of cum that the
boy pushed out of his caged cock. The fagdad slid his tongue inside the
cage, licking the fagdick clean of the boy's scum. Once clean, he lowered
his head to the kid's leaky hole, slurping up Master's seed. The fuckhole
convulsed at the intrusion, opening up to reveal more cum and juice inside.
The fagdad ate greedily, loving the taste of Master and His fagboy. He was
so lost in the act of being the clean-up bitch, he hadn't realized Master
had gotten up from the bed. The fagdad heard his Master behind him."I'm not done fucking."The fagdad arched his back in offering. "Yes, Master. Please fuck Your
bitch, Master. Please show me who's the Man here, Master."Master's prick was still wet from fucking the fagboy, so there wasn't much
need for lube. It was still a rough thrust to start the fuck of the
fagdad's hole. The fagdad moaned up his fagboy's fuckhole as his rape
began. Raped in front of who was once his son.If Master's rape of His fagboy had seemed somewhat tender, then His use of
the fagdad was all the more brutal. Maybe it was because of what He'd
heard from Mitchell and Duncan. Maybe it was because of their initial
discussion many weeks ago. Maybe it was the pitiful appearance of a
sobbing fagdad compared to the beautiful sensuality of a fagboy's whoredom.
For whatever reason, there was no kindness to Master's assault. The fagdad
was being fucked hard, brutally, and without mercy.It was all he fucking deserved. He was finding his place as Master's
fuckbitch. A hole to be used and despised for its use. A bitch to be
slapped around, beaten, ripped apart both physically tpg 15 yo loli
and emotionally. The
fagdad couldn't help but further arch his back and push backward into his
Master's thrusts, making them even more brutal. His body screamed inside
his brain, but whether that scream was pain, pleasure, or simple validation
was anybody's guess.The fagdad's screams became vocal, crying into his fagboy's hole as it
grasped and tried to pleasure itself against his tongue. Fuck, even his
boy was using him for pleasure. That's all he fucking was, all he ever
could be: a vessel to be used by others. Men, slaves, it didn't matter.
As long as he had a purpose. As long as he made someone feel little top list lolita good.As long as he suffered in the process.The fagdad's whole body began to tremble, inching closer to some unknowable
goal. It didn't feel like an orgasm; his cock was completely soft inside
its agonizing cage. This was something far deeper inside his skull. Some
epiphany, some revelation. His soul was soaring, flying, freed by his
masochistic euphoria.It was salvation. And it was now his. "Thank you, Master .... Oh God,
please, Master, use Your bitch harder. Slap it around, Master ..." As he
flew ever higher, his voice got louder and he nearly screamed with his
tongue still buried and being used as a dildo by his fagboy's fuckhole.
"Yes, Master. Oh GOD...." The fagdad trembled as he felt his Master shoot
His second load deep into his guts. "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..."
he sobbed into his boy's hole, deeply tonguing it to give the fagboy as
much pleasure as he could.He felt the fuckhole being pulled out from under him. Master was unlocking
the restraints at loli lolita 12 yo the fagboy's wrists and ankles. "The fagboy needs to get
the fuck out of here and take care of Mitchell and Duncan. The fagdad
needs to clean up this mess and crawl into the cell. I don't want to see
either one of your pathetic faces until breakfast tomorrow morning."
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